Pricing Of Clipping Path Client (CPC) Inc.

Our team at Clipping Path Client (CPC) are all experienced and qualified while our services and products are all at optimum quality! That however, doesn’t mean that we’ll charge you the sky and also the moon! Our rates are very nominal and reasonable!

We want to provide best services to our clients with a competitive price. Different factors are involved like Type, Size, Quality, Quantity, Complexity , Time etc. So we’ve got fixed Prices for various services yet some prices may vary. Feel free to contact with us. Basic prices of our service are given bellow:

Bootstrap Example
Services In USD Pound/Sterling EURO
Clipping Path
per Most Popular Service
per Simple image
per Simple image
per simple image
Image Masking $1.50 £1.02 €1.39
Image Manipulation $1.49 £1.00 €1.37
Drop Shadow $0.39 £0.27 €0.36
Image Retouching $1.29 £0.86 €1.14
Reflection Shadow $0.49 £0.33 €0.45
Image color correction $1.50 £0.95 €1.35
Vector Conversion $4.99 £3.31 €4.42

There will be no consideration of the Quality rather than Price. The chart below will be ascertained by the effort of the product/model/objects. We can negotiate the price based on your requirement and volume.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry